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Road toll surcharge and currency surcharge notification

Road toll surcharge from 1st of October 2018

Due to substantial increases on Norwegian road tolls in the past year, we are forced to add a surcharge to our Norway services.
Political decisions have been made in Norway with the results of a general increase on existing road tolls, plus the implementation of rush hour surcharge in Oslo. Together this has resulted in a cost increase for all road transports in Norway.
ColliCare Logistics AB has decided to charge a road toll surcharge for all shipment to and from Norway, valid as of 1.10.2018

The revised surcharge will replace all existing road toll surcharges. Read more.

Currency surcharge notification

Due to the Swedish currencies negative development during the year, we are compelled to introduce a currency surcharge for all international road transports.
To determine a correct level, the starting point will be calculated from 1/1 2018 when our currency surcharge level was at 5%.
This means that your freight tariff will be decreased by 5% and in addition they will be linked to our current currency surcharge.
The surcharge will be adjusted monthly and current levels can be found here.

Those customer that already has a currency surcharge will not be affected by this.
 This will be implemented as of 1/10-2018

Road toll surcharge and currency surcharge notification
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