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Price Adjustments 1st of January 2020

Published:  30. November 2019

This year’s salary settlements states an 3,2% increase.
The increase in cost index for road transport in Norway averages 4,9%. This is a historically high. 


We experience a general increase in pick up and delivery costs in Europe and Scandinavia.
All of these elements forces us to increase our prices from the 1st of January 2020.

International road freight                            6,9%
Sea freight Europe                                       4,2%
Rail freight Italy – Norway                          2%
All distribution services                               5,5%
eCommerce                                                  5,5%
Warehousing                                                5,5%
Fees and custom clearance                         4,9%

Toll road fees are kept outside the price adjustment, as we always charge according to current rates.
 Should you have any uestions regarding this adjustments, please get in touch with your sales contact. You may also use the e-mail sales@collicare.no


Price Adjustments 1st of January 2020
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