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Price adjustments 1st of January 2019

Published:  08. December 2017

The transport – and logistics market is changing. The markets in Norway and Europe are characterized by less capacity on road and transport buyers are choosing new, less expensive and more environmentally friendly solutions such as boat and train.

There are new strict driving-/ and resting rules, demand for better conditions for drivers in general and growth in Eastern European economy with more job opportunities. This causes fewer drivers from these areas, which will affect the costs heavily.
We are looking at higher costs between 6% and 11%. It varies from countries and transport to/from.

The increase in diesel prices and generally higher collection costs in Italy are affecting our costs. The toll costs are increasing in Norway, around the terminal in Rolvsøy and around Oslo. All these elements are included in the freight costs Italy/Norway.

The average of the increasing cost index for road freight in Norway is 4,4%, that is historically high. Unfortunately – and against the politicians – it is less capacity on train in Norway. Cargonet are shutting down ¼ of their departures and are increasing the prices with over 10% from 1.1.19. This affects line traffic on road, where there already are lack of capacity and a heavy increase in costs.

The government are working on making the city centre free of cars, which is great for the environment, but it makes the distribution complicated. We are monitor this development closely. The costs will be affected as deliveries have to be done at a specific time. It is no longer possible to park outside stores during daytime etc.

This year’s salary settlement accounts for 2,8% increase in salary, and a price increase on labor services in Norway from quarter 2. 2017 to quarter 2. 2018 are stated SSB to 3,2%.

All these elements are forcing us to increase our prices from 1.1.2019.

International road freight                      6,9 %
Train Italy-Norway                                  4,9%
Fees and customs clearance services   4,9%
All Distribution services                         4,9%
eCommerce                                             4,9%
Storage- and logistics services              4,9%

Toll are kept outside price adjustments on distribution services, and will be charged according to current rates.

Best regards
ColliCare Logistics AS

Sales & marketing department


Price adjustments 1st of January 2019
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