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ColliCare to transport all goods to Jula stores in Norway

As of September the 15th 2016, ColliCare will deliver transport services/goods from Jula’s central warehouse in Skara, to Jula stores all over Norway. 

ColliCare has been a logistics partner for Jula on the European market since 2012, and is now pleased the partnership has expanded to include distribution in Norway.
On a weekly basis, approximately 90 trucks will be loaded in Skara and the goods distributed to 30 Jula stores
throughout Norway, - from Kristiansand in the south to Tromsø in the north. A common long-term plan towards more effective distribution solutions, quality and environmental aspects has been important to Jula in the process of choosing the right logistics provider.
Some of the trucks will run on biodiesel (HVO), the percentage continuously increasing to support the environmental policies and goals of both parties.
Both Jula and CCL  are looking forward to finding better logistics solutions to decrease their environmental footprint, and become more cost efficient in the near future.

”During the procurement ColliCare Logistics has demostrated an initiative and vision for the future in which Jula appreciates. We are very content with choosing ColliCare Logistics as our partner. They have shown us a complete solution which suits Jula’s ambition to pursue a cost-efficient transport solution, and focusing on both quality and the environmental aspects”,  
states Pietro Montebovi, Customs & Freight Manager Jula AB

In picture, from left; Logistics Manager Jula Lennart Karlsson, Customs & Freight Manager Jula Pietro Montebov, och Managing Director ColliCare Gothenburg Magnus Yverås


ColliCare to transport all goods to Jula stores in Norway
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