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The staff is our most important resource. Our philosophy is to develop our employees by giving responsibility and challenges. We are proud to present;

Management Norway

Knut is always looking for efficient and cost saving logistics to give customers a benefit in their market. He is always looking for new possibilities.
Knut Sollund
CEO – Chief Executive Officer
+47 476 30 666
+47 69 20 95 00
Tom Erik likes to work with challenging projects in cooperation with existing and new customers. Enjoy the challenge of creating new solutions.
Tom Erik Hauger
Country Manager Domestic Norway
+47 909 20 442
+47 23 62 80 08
For Hilde, it is important that the financial statements at anytime is updated and correctly, an important management-tool for the company.
Hilde Svendsen
Manager Finance Norway
+47 958 413 48
+47 69 20 95 10
Mona loves people, and likes to work with motivation and inspiration. She has the customer in focus at all times, and is happy when she can contribute to finding good solutins for the customer.
Mona Hegrenes
Country Manager Customer Service
+47 905 85 815
Aurora believes that every case can be solved. She is energetic and efficient in her work with many different clients and projects.
Aurora Ulvevadet
Country Manager Sea
+47 484 08 596
+47 69 20 95 46
If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you have always got
Ken Hågensen
Country Manager Storage
+47 479 77 508
+47 69 20 95 00
Ronny is happy when he finds solutions for transportation and rail for his customers which leaves them leading their markets.
Ronny Nordmark
Country Manager Rail
+47 69 20 95 00
Jesper enjoys optimising and creating processes. He holds a strong business focus, and is both targeted and persistent in his work.
Jesper Hansen
Country Manager Road & Customs
+47 900 91 043
Julianne enjoys working in a fast paced environment and like to be effective. She thrive on finding smart solutions for our customers and partners.
Julianne Fjell
Country Manager Air
+47 452 90 028
Mattias shows great interest in the customer journey. He is happy when he is allowed to be creative and solution oriented
Mattias Sturesson
Country Manager eCommerce and InStore
+47 915 43 759
John Helge is highly motivated when people developes something together, espesially when it is done across business sectors
John Helge Austgulen
Regional Manager
+47 991 59 884

Sales Department

Nils is working closely with China and the far east in general. China and the far east are extremely fascinating and never stop to surprise and impress.
Nils Jarmyr
Sales Manager Sea
+47 959 90 886
+47 69 20 95 21
Bent Arild is at his best with many sales activities going on - within all different ColliCare services.
Bent Arild Hære
Sales Manager Norway
+47 920 25 503
+47 69 20 95 04
Jette thrives working at high pace in close cooperation with clients to find the optimum logistics solution
Jette Thannel
Key Account Manager
+47 480 81 657